The Adult Day Training Program operates in the facility on S.E. Ascension Complex Blvd. and offers the work and center component of the Arc of East Ascension in the form of day-habilitation, pre-vocational and supported employment services.

Diversified Employment Services

Diversified Employment Services (DES) was established to provide a work force that is a part of the community. DES offers training and support allowing individuals with disabilities the dignity and self-esteem resulting from valued, meaningful work. The DES program includes employment related training by providing janitorial and lawn work crews, utensil packaging, pecan cracking, newspaper and aluminum can recycling and document shredding.

Individuals participating in the DES program are working towards competitive employment, consistent with the strengths, resources, priorities, abilities, interests and informed choices of individuals with the most significant disabilities.

Utilizing the group model, Diversified Employment Services prepares workers in basic work skills and attitudes, including job responsibilities, safety, attendance, punctuality and work ethics. The Arc of East Ascension provides assistance in training workers until they fully meet performance standards for typical full or part-time positions. The Arc of East Ascension provides employees who perform consistently and with the highest quality of work possibilities.

Day-Habilitation Programs

The day habilitation programs within the Adult Day Training Program at The Arc of East Ascension allow individuals with the most significant intellectual and developmental disabilities the opportunity to learn and maintain various life and social skills. Day habilitation allows individuals with developmental or intellectual disabilities the opportunity to be involved in social interaction, community outings and activities to help them learn and maintain skills.


To be eligible for services provided at The Arc of East Ascension's Adult Day Training Program (ADTP) an individual must be on either the Supports Wavier or NOW Waiver. To learn more about the different types of waivers available please see information provided by Louisiana's Department of Health and Hospitals.

To apply or inquire about eligibility for services provided by the Waiver services, the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities (OCDD) serves as the Single Point of Entry into the developmental disabilities services system. OCDD's contact number is 1-866-783-5553.

The staff at The Arc of East Ascension are willing and able to assist with any questions or concerns about services. The Arc of East Ascension can be reached at 225-621-2000 or e-mailed at

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