Members or the Arc of East Ascension’s Board of Directors are nominated and voted for by the current members of COEA, the Arc of East Ascension. The Board of Directors consists of five executive board members and ten board members who meet on a monthly basis to discuss finance, activities, policy and procedures affecting the day-to-day operations of The Arc of East Ascension.

During the Annual Membership Meeting held each November, The Arc of East Ascension votes for the Board of Directors for the upcoming year. Any community member who has been an active member of COEA for one year can submit a request to serve on The Arc of East Ascension’s Board of Directors.

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Allison Hudson, Darryl Hambrick, Linda Dominick, Sharon Morris, Ken Firmin, Dolores Kepp, Alsie Dunbar, Annie Cornish, Stephanie Haas , Alfred Mason, Eartha Rayborn

Board Member